Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Polo Matching!

After a failed attempt at polo watching last summer (Veuve Clicquot Polo match on governor's island was so hot, I had to leave before it even started!) I was so excited to make it to a Saturday match in Bridgehampton. While Nacho and the Blackwatch team weren't playing this weekend :-( the match didn't disappoint. I had no idea what an intense sport polo was. It's like hockey on horses! The best part was getting to go out on the field in the time old tradition of stomping the divots, I felt just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! We caught a sneak peak of the VIPs in the tents (including Kelly Rutherford running after her two adorable childen) sighhhh, there's always next year!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Culture Friday

Myself and three friends recently found ourselves with a summer Friday and no real plans except to head out early and get to the beach.  We picked up the rental car and drove out, we hit the dreaded highway 27 traffic by noon.  The sun was clouding over, our stomachs were growling as we crawled along, so I suggested we stop at Wolffer Estate for some afternoon wine tasting and lunch.  I had been wanting to try long island wineries all summer so it was a good excuse for a taste of home (and a little comparison!)

We made friends with the cutest lap dog I've ever seen, Toby!

Sneak peak of the bottling line

After a full 5 flight tasting we were all convinced to buy a few bottles!  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the wines, Napa it wasn't but a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon out of the office!

Post wine tasting and a light lunch my friend Syd suggested we check out the Pollack Krasner house.  I had no idea that Jackson Pollock spent the majority of his short life living in the Springs section of East Hampton before he was tragically killed in a car accident.  The house didn't have much to it, inside there were actually more Andy Warhol artifacts than Pollock artifacts!
Signed Andy Warhol soup can

The coolest part of the museum was the studio out back.  It was here that Pollock painted many of his famous works, while there was only 1 actual Pollock piece in the museum, the floor of the studio was a work of art in itself.  The drip paintings that he was so famous for left the most unique designs across the floor, remnants of the edges of his most famous works could be seen on the floor.  It was so cool to be able to walk on a piece of history!

Fancy booties preserve this work of art!
The studio

After several weekends of beaching, it was nice to experience two new things in the Hamptons!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beach party and a good cause!

On a recent weekend, our group headed to Montauk for the "Pants Party" benefiting the NYC Coalition Against Hunger.  The event took place on Gin Beach.  We arrived not really knowing what to expect, but as the night went on, the party just continued to get better and better.  Sunset, cocktails, Mexicue catering, awesome DJs, what more could we ask for??  I kept pinching myself, it looked like a scene out of an American Eagle commercial or something!  It was a fabulous night benefiting a fabulous cause.  Wish there were more opportunities to do things like this!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


While most weekends have been go go go, beach, post-beach drinks, dinners out, bars, we recently had a chance to slow down and actually enjoy our summer house. It was too hot for the beach, so we enjoyed lounging by our pool by day, taking breaks from the sun to go inside and make a quick lunch (pesto pasta with broccoli) or and afternoon snack (brownies). Saturday night, we decided to go all out and grill for ourselves. Now, I am a complete novice at grilling, I've watched my parents do it for years, but have never had a reason to learn (we don't exactly have outdoor grilling space in the city). Luckily this was a gas grill, and I had some backup, and there were very clear directions, and somehow we managed to follow them. Our chicken, shrimp and veggie kabobs turned out perfectly. And went so well with our arugula and Parmesan salad, and to finish off, more of those brownies for dessert. So simple, but a meal that we don't often get to cook for ourselves in the city. I ran out to pick up some wine, and when I came back, the table was set with beautiful hydrangeas fresh from the garden, and tea lights lined the entire pool. It was a perfect summer evening full of good food, friends, and lots of laughter, my favorite kind of night!

We kept the momentum going with breakfast on Sunday morning. Bacon (cooked in the pan, I was scolded for suggesting we use the microwave as a shortcut, it's so true how much better it tastes when cooked on the stove!), scrambled eggs with parmesan, toasted bagels and fresh cut grapefruit! It was the perfect meal to send us off back to the city and kept me dreaming of getting back out there all work-week long.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Homer Simpson Moment....

A staple in the Hamptons are the freshly made Dreesen's Donuts, made daily at Scoop Du Jour in East Hampton.  Lines often extend out the door (although this seems to hold true for all hours of the day, for when breakfast and donuts are over, people line up for their home made ice cream!)  I recently spent a good 15 minutes in line, anxiously awaiting my iced coffee and donut.  I couldn't decide between cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, and although I had plenty of time to contemplate my decision in line, I made a game time decision once I reached the counter.  I went with the powdered sugar and it didn't disappoint.  They take the hot donut fresh out of the fryer and drop it in a bowl of white powdered sugar, toss it around for a nice even coating and throw it in a paper bag.  Within 30 seconds I was out in the parking lot, you're lucky I was able to snap a quick pic before I devoured it!
Scoop Du Jour-35 Newtown Lane, East Hampton
The glare makes it hard to do this pile of fresh donuts justice!
Perfectly portioned donuts are dropped into the fryer
3 bites and it's gone!


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