Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wine Wednesdays - Sherwin Family Vineyards Cellar Scraps

One night over Thanksgiving break we bribed our friends with promise of yummy nibbles in exchange for access to their incredible wine cellar.  They did not disappoint by bringing out an old favorite, Flowers Chardonnay, as well as not one, but two bottles of Sherwin Family Vineyards Cellar Scraps.  

They knew who was coming over and immediately pulled out the magnum - no fooling around!

I love the concept of Cellar Scraps, named in order of release, these wines are a blend of all of the "leftovers" - nonvintage and a different blend every year.  These are fun wines made for drinking now.  We started with #6, then went back to #2.  Both were delicious.  Bursting with dark fruit, smooth tannins, good structure and a long finish.  There was surprisingly quite a bit of commonality between the two even though they were from different years and different blends, speaks to the quality of the fruit I guess!

We brought some naughty bites including baked brie with cranberry chutney, artichoke dip stuffed mushrooms, and if you're ever wondering what to do with leftover stuffing - WRAP IT IN BACON!

Forgot to get a "before" pic - but this just goes to show how amazing this easy appetizer is!
Dinner of champions!
The perfect night - and the perfect pairing!

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